Visión autoestereoscópica en 3D mediante modelización de campos de luz

Dr. Jose Martinez Sotoca

Funding by:
Fundació Caixa-Castelló

P1 -1B2009-45



This kind of techniques can allow 3D visualization of the scene through a natural and unobtrusive way. In this context, the Light Field (LF) becomes to be one of the most effective ways to meet the needs of autostereoscopic displays. The main objective of this project is based on developing new models of LF to allow the calculation of the radiance, such different users can perceive the 3D structure of the scene from different points of view simultaneously without any accessory (glasses).

To get this perception in the user, proposes the creation of arrays of discrete elements that reconstruct the autostereoscopic 3D image similar to how you perform holographic stereograms. These elements are called hogels and contain the colour values depending on the point of view that it is been observed the scene. Thus, the user acquires a perception of depth of objects in the scene.

In this project, we obtain the hogels integrating the information needed to build them. To do this, we will consider that within the scene there is a virtual plane placed on the scene with a certain distance of the objects of the same such the images of the scene are projected from different viewpoints.