Advanced Light Fields for Interactive 3D Auto-stereoscopic Modelling and Visualisation - ALFI3D

Dr. Filiberto Pla

Funding by:
CICYT. Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovaci&ocute;n





Auto stereoscopy is being considered the next technological step in image and graphics visualisation, allowing 3D-visualisation in a natural and non intrusive way. In this context .Light Fields. are part of a methodology that is becoming as one of the most feasible techniques to supply in an efficient way the views an auto-stereoscopic display needs. Thus, Light Fields to store the radiance information of a scene are an alternative to traditional rendering techniques, which is emerging with strength in the context of auto-stereoscopy. The main objective of this project is directed to the development of new Light Field models and techniques; which would allow the calculation and utilisation of light fields in auto-stereoscopic displays (natural stereo view), where several users can observe the device and perceive the 3D structure of the scene from different points of view in a simultaneous way, without needing any intrusive accessory, e.g. glasses.

Therefore, this project will investigate methodologies for Advanced Light Field Models, partially as a continuation of the already finished ALF project (TIN2005-08863-C03). During the development of ALF project, new challenges and research lines did arise, which are needed to achieve a feasible solution that allows the use of Light Fields in applications demanding non-structured, dynamics, non-uniform or navigable Light Fields. These technologies, still in an incipient and emerging state, have a huge potential in high impact application and socio-economic areas like 3D television or interactive holographic visualisation for design and visual presentation of products. The development of the basic technology for these applications is going to be the fundamental aim and motivation of the research proposed in this project.